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Tom Brady Has Started Firing Shots At Tiger Woods And Peyton Manning But He Better TREAD CAREFULLY

First things first, I laughed. I didn't want to laugh because Tiger 'The Boss Man' Woods is my guy and I'd take a bullet for him, but I laughed. What can I say? Funny is funny and putting a Tiger King shirt on toddler Tiger Woods and a Hot Wheels shirt on toddler Peyton Manning is funny. And quite honestly this is the type of shit talking The Match II needs. There wasn't nearly enough needling and trash talking on the lead up or during The Match. So adding a couple of guys like Tom and Peyton who have spent decades upon decades in locker rooms will very much help increase the ball busting that happens during The Match II. It'll be great to watch and I can't wait.

However secondly, Tom better TREAD CAREFULLY here. This event is obviously all fun and games and for charity but we're still talking about Tiger fucking Woods here, the greatest golfer to ever live. And sure Tom Brady is one of the greatest competitors to ever live but this is a golf match and nobody is better at ripping people's throats out on a golf course than Eldrick Tont Woods. Do you remember a guy named Stehen Ames? You probably do and talking shit to Tiger Woods did not work out well whatsoever for Mr Ames. Once Tiger flips that switch onto DESTROY EVERYTHING MODE, Tom and Phill better look the hell out.

Again, I'm all for the shit talking and jabs because it'll make great theater for the viewers at home. I'm just saying if you pull on a tiger's tail, you better be ready for the consequences. That's all.