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I'm Going To Need David Wells vs. Curt Schilling In The Rough N' Rowdy Ring When The Sports World Returns

Over the last few weeks of quarantine David Wells has answered about 1000 questions from fans on Twitter. Dude is just spending quarantine showing off his man cave and being a man of the people. Someone asked him last night who was the most disliked player from his era and his answer was easy: Curt Schilling. I mean, obviously. No one likes Curt Schilling. I'm not even sure Curt Schilling likes Curt Schilling. Boomer Wells clearly still has a grudge against Curt after all these years and I love it. If there's a guy I don't want to get on the bad side of it's Boomer's. 

Of course Curt and his frail ego got all butt hurt he wasn't tagged by Wells in the tweet. Also calling Boomer a little bitch? There's absolutely nothing little about David Wells. That man is a mammoth of a man. He will squash you like a bug. 

I think when the sports world resumes we need a Rough N Rowdy between the two. Settle this beef the right away: fisticuffs 

I've got Wells with a first round via knockout while he crushes two beers Stone Cold style over Curt's defeated body. You throw a perfect game with alcohol throwing through your blood stream then you're not a man to be fucked with in a boxing ring. Just got to make sure he crushes a 30 pack beforehand to get himself locked in.