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Ryan Clark Just Keeps It Real About The Draft

Ryan Clark is really good on TV. 

Yes, I enjoyed the hell out of him playing for the Steelers and being an LSU guy, too, but i also enjoy the hell out of him on TV and the clips I see on social media. 

One main reason? He just keeps it real. You always hear about the best broadcasters / commentators are the most authentic, and that shouldn't be confused with fake Rex Ryan bravado. 

RC's authenticity was put on display on NFL Draft morning. 

Refreshing to see him see "hell if I know" in an entertaining way rather than just take your best guess that probably won't happen for tonight. 

It's nice every now and then rather than constant dot connecting that's insane like Cam Newton going to the Steelers

Ryan has also been watching 'The Office' for the first time through during quarantine and his Twitter breakdowns of the show have been one of the more redeeming and entertaining qualities of the lockdown.