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Reminder That The Steelers Already Got An 'A' In Tonight's First Round

5 Interceptions. 2 forced fumbles. 3 fumble recoveries. 2 touchdowns. 

All-Pro on the back end. 

Congratulations to the Steelers who have already been graded a resounding 'A+' for tonight's first round pick - Minkah Fitzpatrick

Remember when everyone on GMFB, Cowherd, ESPN, Maurice Jones-Drew all those MFs were going off about "I don't get WHAT is going on in Pittsburgh I mean what a dumb trade! They're going to win one game maybe!" 

Yeah double birds to all those people. 

Big Ben talked about how much TJ Watt and Bud Dupree remind him of James Harrison and Lamar Woodley coming off the edge from back in the day. Now we got our Troy P in the secondary, too. 

I'm glad the Steelers don't have a first round pick tonight. Don't have to wonder because we already know - Minkah is an All-Pro.

Fuck, I'm still rhyming from Twas Night Before The NFL Draft. 


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