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Throwback To The Time Gary Player Stood Next To Yao Ming

Once upon a time on Barstool Sports dot com I would blog every time Yao Ming stood next to another famous person. It was so much fun because, as you might know, Yao Ming is a preposterously tall human being. Those blogs have since been lost and I can only think to blame the Devnest*. 

But yesterday Mr. Gary Player retweeted the picture of him standing next to Yao Ming and I laughed just hard hard as the first time I saw the picture. It's so amazing. I looked it up and Yao Ming is exactly two feet taller than Mr. Gary Player which if we're being honest sounds low. You could've told me as many as 4 feet and I would've believed you. 

*For anyone new, the Devnest was a bunch of web developers we hired back in like 2014 who were supposed to build a brand new shiny Barstool Sports website and they ended up deleting like 75% of all of the old blogs on the site and getting fired I think. What an era that was

Another throwback to the time we spent Masters week at Mr. Gary Player's house with him