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Coronavirus Literally Delivers Another Kick to the Balls

Listen, I love being a woman but there are times (mostly when I'm on a golf course or getting ready in the morning) that I wonder how much easier life would be as a man. A bad hair day is mitigated by a baseball cap. Gotta go pee without a bathroom nearby? Find a random tree and unzip. No issues once a month with chocolate cravings or cramps that lead me to spend an entire day on the couch in the fetal position. Oh yeah, and sex without the risk of getting pregnant. 

Sounds like a simple life.

Not in the age of Coronavirus, it's not. 

Researchers in Mumbai, India have found that COVID is taking a worse toll on men. Why? Because testy little Corona has found a place in men to burrow and hide.

The male testes. 

According to an article in the NY Post, "the virus attaches itself to a protein that occurs in high levels in the testicles. This protein, known as angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, or ACE2, is present in the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract and the heart in addition to large quantities in the testicles."

But since testicles are walled off from the immune system, the virus could harbor there for longer periods than the rest of the body, according to the study.


Listen, I hate the time it takes me to wash, blow-dry, and flat iron my hair (at least an hour), or how tedious it is to take my mascara and eyeliner off at the end of a long day of isolation (very), but nothing is more inconvenient right now than an extended bout of COVID 19. No matter how convenient peeing might be at some random tee box on the back nine, it's not quite convenient enough for me to be at greater risk. 

It's bad enough for men to have their sex organs outside the body, where they can be hit by everything from a table edge to an errant football. And its been said that a sharp rap to the low hangers is, while NOT more painful than childbirth, might just be AS painful (for a short period - imagine being kicked in the balls for 18 hours and you can see why giving birth is no walk in the park)

So I have sympathy for your boys. I really, do. I've played enough pickup ball to well know that look in your eyes when you take a knee to the nads. But TBH I'll take periods, morning raccoon eyes, and wasted hours taking off makeup to those extended COVID carriers dangling between your legs.