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Someone Better Play With Big Poppa (The Dog) Or Else There Will Be Hell To Pay

Very rarely does a viral picture or video stops me in my tracks and gets me upset. This one did the trick. Why? Look at that good boy! An A+ name with Big Poppa. You look at that dog and you think Big Poppa. Great name to dog version there. But why can't the kids play with Big Poppa? Is there not a park they all can run around with? Dogs can't get coronavirus (don't prove me wrong on this, it's what I choose to believe damnit). This pretty much is on par with how I felt when the NCAA Tournament got canceled. Just hit me directly in the heart. I'm ready to challenge coronavirus to Rough n Rowdy with Big Poppa in my corner. Let one of these kids walk Big Poppa. Do something with the guy. Let him chow down on some bones or anything. We need happy pictures of Big Poppa. All I know is if someone doesn't step up and play with him soon, there will be hell to pay.