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"Shouldn't Have Been Standing There" - Milan Lucic Had No Filter On The B's Zoom Last Night Talking About The Miller Incident, Kesler And So Much More

Man, I miss Lucic. Feitelberg blogged the highlights of the B's 2011 Cup clincher re-watch last night, Marchand and Campbell were chirping each other left and right, but I loved Lucic just going no filter and talking about everything. Tim Thomas! (Yes Timmy!!! from the clouds) started the convo talking about how goalies nowadays are protected, Looch wondered why that was...

"I wondered what happened for them to be so sensitive about it." - Lucic

"I think you might have had something to do with that." - Marchand

"He shouldn't have been standing there. Stay in your crease, no?" - Lucic

"You ruined their entire season that year. Ruined it." - Kelly

"They got Eichel because of it, what are you talking about." - Lucic

"Remember when I had to get my head kicked in a year later because of that?" - Thornton

Lucic also brought up Ryan Kelser chirping (during Game 7)..

Michael Ryder warned him he might get in trouble and Lucic just gave the ole "he's not even in the league anymore.. fuck em." Still just pure hatred between these teams. Shockingly it was a lot of guys first times watching the entire game back. 

And to cap it off.. Lucic toasts to the Tank (with his stats) and the rest of the guys. "This is a family that we will have for the rest of our lives".

Just an all around great time on Zoom and I'm dying to see more teams do this. Obviously when the drinks are flowing you never know what guys are gonna say so I'm sure it's a PR disaster (looking at you Tuuks), but fuck that was a good time. Full highlights: