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Wearing Shoes In Your House/Apartment Is Disgusting

You might remember from my recent Quarantine Cribs episode, I'm a firm believer in taking off your god damn shoes at the front door. I know it might come across a little dickish, but I get visibly upset when someone comes over (obviously not an issue anymore) and stomps around in Timberland boots, especially if they make it to the living room, placing those little Coronavirus carriers right on my carpet. 

Truth be told, I think its maybe the most unsanitary thing that "clean people" do. I admit I even judge people that allow visitors inside their house with shoes on (like my own mom). 

My god. What kind of particles are on those floors? 

So when I saw this article from a group of podiatrists, I had a visceral reaction. 

Get this. Foot experts are suggesting that while we're in quarantine, (apparently needing to dress in full work wear like adults), we should ALSO be wearing our fucking shoes. 

According to an article in Pop Sugar, foot specialists say that, for our health, it's paramount we all kick it in the crib with our Sketcher orthopedics on... like all day... until bed. 


What constitutes as proper in-home footwear you ask? 

"A supportive-type shoe, as a general category, not only absorbs shock and protects the foot but it also keeps your foot in a more favorable position. Generally, a 'supportive' type of shoe would include structural elements such as a firm backing or heel counter in shoe parlance, an upper (or top enclosure) with some kind of lacing, and a firm yet substantial midsole," they explain.

Yeah, no. I'm into my joint health as much as the next 30 something trying to preserve some semblance of my youth one collagen tablet at a time, but you have me ALL THE WAY fucked up if you think I'm going to get out of bed and lace up my indoor track shoes. 


Now, I'm all for slippers around the house, but I'll be god damned if I'm wearing my Kobe Vs in the living room just because some podiatrist tells me my feet need "shock absorbers." And if you come in wearing your Chuck Taylors, just know you'll be leaving them at the door.