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Are Patriots Fans As Upset About The Gronk Trade As The Internet Is Trying To Make It Seem?

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I'm not exactly broken up about this. I've got folks in my mentions loling at me and texts from non-Pats fans telling me to not look at Twitter (note: I am always looking at Twitter) and that I fucking suck and I should die. But I haven't had to talk any Pats fans off a ledge yet. I mean, Gronk didn't play for the New England Patriots. Gronk wasn't going to play for the New England Patriots. So what people are accusing us of being broken up about is that a guy who didn't play for the Pats still doesn't play for the Pats but now the Pats have an extra 4th round pick? Ok, I guess.

Look I made my peace with Gronk leaving ages ago. I had to re-make that peace a few times because he kept teasing CBD press conferences, but I eventually nailed it down. Gronk wants to play with Brady, he's literally said he never wants to play with another quarterback, so this isn't exactly a surprise. And maybe that's why it doesn't "hurt"? Because no one would've been shocked if a genie came down and told us this was going to happen the moment Brady left town. Brady was fed up with Belichick, Gronk was fed up with Belichick, there's no "WHOA! NEVER SAW THAT COMING!" pain here.

Sorry for being rational, I know that doesn't have a place in sports, but I'm happy Tom and Gronk are back together. I'm not hurt they didn't want to be in New England anymore because they weren't sick of me, they were sick of someone I love dearly but I can also understand getting sick of after working for him for 10-20 years. You won't catch a single tear from me because a retired player still doesn't play for the Patriots.