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Amazon Warehouse Workers Planning To Strike Over Safety Concerns

According to Fox8 and a number of other sources, Amazon workers are planning to strike over concerns of their own safety with reports of over 130 Amazon warehouses having employees that have tested positive for COVID-19

Amazon workers are planning a strike starting Tuesday to protest what they say are unsafe working conditions.

They’re asking for the company to notify them if they work at a facility with a confirmed case, deep cleaning of warehouses with confirmed cases, safety equipment, paid sick leave and hazard pay.

Workers who are taking part in the protest are expected to call out sick beginning Tuesday.

These all seem like pretty reasonable requests: Tell me if the guy/gal next to me that was coughing all day yesterday is out today because of corona, clean the fucking warehouse and hire someone to do it, give me a mask and hand sanitizer and if we get sick pay us. 

The plan is for workers to start calling in sick across the country today.

Lots of businesses are hurting right now, but not Amazon. Amazon can afford these small requests from their warehouse workers.

Amazon stock hit an all time high this past week. An all time high for Amazon. That's like the day Wilt Chamberlain said today is for sure the day I had sex with the most women and I can prove it. I know that Amazon has taken a loss today, but maybe that's because of news of this strike and/or just a temporary dip before it goest back up. 

I mean people are still ordering shit, more than ever actually because no one wants to go to a store ever again. Single Bezos is doing so well he's buying up entire buildings in New York meant for hundreds of people to live in, as Pat pointed out a few days ago.

In full disclosure, I may be writing this blog with a bit of bias. Amazon has now delayed the shipment of my monthly toilet paper by two weeks and I am starting to realize the hose in the backyard may be my destiny.

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