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Quick Question - If This Spanish Super Model Turned Down Your Marriage Proposal TWICE, Would You Propose A Third Time?

Pretty simple question here. If you proposed to Spanish super model Joana Sanz not once, but twice and she said no both times would you do it again? Because that's exactly what happened to Brazilian soccer legend Dani Alves. 

If you're someone who has proposed before you know how you just soberly black out (assuming you weren't already shit faced when you proposed like a normal human) when asking the question. Words come out of your mouth, but you don't actually know or remember what you said. You're just trying not to sweat too much while on a knee holding up a ring. It doesn't matter that you're 99% sure she's going to say yes. There's still that moment you play out in your head where she says no or something goes tragically wrong. 

Or in this case, you propose TWICE and get turned down. How do you stay with someone after that? I mean, I guess the super model part helps. But you're a soccer star, as this blogger has shown, soccer players can get a model whenever they want it appears. 

Call me crazy but I'm not proposing to the same person three times. I'm not proposing to the same person twice. Feels like a one and done scenario.