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Wake Up With Baby Yoda Meeting Baby Groot

The good folks that did the incredible video of the Avengers/Batman/Superman/John Wick/Sonic/John Cena/etc #superteam fighting against coronavirus have an extensive catalog of the most ambitious crossovers in cinematic history, including a clip of two of the cutest characters on the planet getting to know each other. I love Baby Yoda, but he does come off as a dick not only turning off Groot's radio while he was just trying to boogie down on a nice sunny day (*Chris Tucker voice* never touch a wood man's radio) but throwing around The Force all willy nilly like some Sith Hardo. We get it, Baby Yo. You eat frogs and can make things levitate. No need to be a show off.

Luckily for Disney, cooler heads prevailed since each of these little adorable wide-eyed fuckers are going to make Mickey & Co. roughly a zillion dollars in revenue over the next few years that will make up for any money lost from people not looking to travel or sit in a crowded movie theater.

It's been asked a million times, but lets do it one more time in blog form:

Anybody who wants to talk Baby Yoda, Old Man Yoda, or any Yoda in between, tune into tonight's Empire Strike Back rewatch with Lights Camera Barstool, Robbie Fox, Joey Mulinaro, myself, and special guest Alec Sulkin of Family Guy fame that helped create the timeless Family Guy Star Wars parody.