Wanna Watch The Avengers, Batman, Superman, John Wick, Sonic, Wolverine, John Cena, Rick & Morty, And More Fight The Coronavirus? Good Me Too!

I know that this was merely a work of fiction featuring the greatest #superteam the world has seen since the Warriors broke up. But damn it felt good to watch coronavirus get its dick kicked in. Growing up, the bad guys in the movies were usually Nazis or some sort of Eastern European commies. Then as the world changed, it became terrorists (along with aliens getting into the mix here and there). Now it appears viruses are going to be the big baddy in movies and boy do I hate those motherfuckers. I hated them when they were getting me sick as a child, I hated them when they made me pay money to Old Man McAfee to protect my computer, and I hate them now that they have shut down the entire planet.

But as much as I hate those viruses, I love this squad of superheroes. Obviously the heavy hitters from the MCU and DCU were present as you would expect in any superhero crossover film. But seeing Mr. Incredible, Leonardo, and Sonic combine forces with everyone else had me geeking out more than someone in their mid-30s should, with CJ from GTA dropping from the sky being the best cinematic moment this side of the last hour of Endgame. My only criticisms of this masterpiece were that I didn't know the characters that were sent to Asia, but that's probably just because I'm old. So I'm just going to call them Dragonball Z characters, which I'm sure people enjoyed. Shaggy having that much energy seemed like a stretch because even thought he has an incredible metabolism that has prevented him from getting fat from munching on Scoobie Snacks for years, we all look/feel like Fat Thor after a month of quarantine. And seeing a legendary one man wrecking crew like John Wick going down from the covid was about as terrifying as it gets.

But this short film was pretty much as good as anything I have seen during quarantine and I could have cried tears of joy seeing those covid creatures turning into Thanos snap dust. Shout out Mighty Raccoon for making this and Rick for being the hero humanity needs right now