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Novak Djokovic Addresses Allegations That He's An Anti-Vaxxer By Not Denying That He's An Anti-Vaxxer

Yesterday Novak (No-Vax) Djokovic came out against taking a potential vaccine for the coronavirus while also saying he doesn't think you should be forced to take it in order to travel. Interesting stuff from the current number one tennis player on Earth and a fairly popular name in the sports world in general. 

Djokovic got absolutely SHIT ON for his comments and was awarded a brand new nickname: No-Vax (I love the internet). In an attempt to cool down the heat, Djoker went to the New York Times for a statement to clarify his comments in a classic case of PR 101. You would imagine if the guy wasn't an anti-vaxxer this would be the time to make it loud and clear that he supports vaccinations and that he just misspoke right? Listen, people get misquoted sometimes and things get lost in translation. I'm always willing to hear somebody out in these situations to get the right story. 


So in Novak's attempt to clarify that he's not a crazy anti-vaxxer, he failed to deny any such claim. Sort of like when AJ Hinch had a similar opportunity to deny using buzzers on the Astros and instead danced around the question. You would think if the goal of this clarified statement with the Times was to dispute any and all allegations of him being an anti-vaxxer that he would have made it loud and clear. Sounds like someone to me who is absolutely an anti-vaxxer and doesn't want to spell it out for the world. Reminder, this is the same guy who thinks putting bread on your stomach helps indicate if you have gluten allergies. Well, good luck with all of that man. Sounds fun. 

Now I'm not here pretending to be a doctor and thinking I know the ins and outs of science. Novak Djokovic should not be taking medical advice from me, an idiot blogger. That much is very true, we can all agree. He should, however, be taking medical advice from pretty much any doctor in the world. They will all tell you to take vaccinations! They went to school for almost a full decade to learn everything there is to know about modern medicine. Turns out vaccinations helps us live healthier and longer lives. This might sound crazy but we live twice (two times) as long as we did 100 years ago because we take vaccinations that prevent diseases. 

Now here's Penn and Teller to yell at No-Vax and end the blog.