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The Sopranos Movie Release Has Been Pushed To March 2021 & I'm Ready For Coronavirus To Officially Be Whacked

Fuckin' disgrace. 

This must be exactly how Jeff D Lowe must feel every few days when one of Marvel's 329 movies that were slated to come out this year gets delayed until God only knows how long. Of course I love movies, but I had never considered myself a big time movie boy. That was all going to change this September when the Sopranos prequel movie was slated to come out. Now me and the rest of Sopranos Nation officially have to wait (at the very least) an extra 6 months.

We were talkin' THE Jon Bernthal as Tony's dad, we were talkin' The Departed's very own Vera Farmiga as the ever-so lovely Livia Soprano, AND we were talkin' James Gandolfini's only son as a young TONY SOPRANO. Do you have any idea how much my engine just revved up typing out that sentence? TOO MUCH. Probably the most since my first VR Headset go around with Lisa Ann a few weeks ago and that's saying something.

I do gotta say though what in the name of Sam Hill are they thinking over there at HBO? You're a streaming service that has put put movies based off their series' straight-to-streaming before- most recently with Deadwood- so why not take a page out of our old buddy ESPN's book and put this shit out to stream A-S-A-P?!?! I mean Chicago got their piece with the MJ Doc it's only right that New York/New Jersey gets theirs & what better way than the Sopranos movie? Just a nice little idea for ya, HBO.