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#TheLastDance Episode 2 Notes

A couple of brief notes from Episode 2 of "The Last Dance". Episode 1 notes can be found above.

  • Pippen 122nd highest-paid player in the league during the 1997-98 season. The 122nd highest-paid player now?

Norm Powell. Powell gets $21 million for this season and next. It took Pippen his first ten NBA seasons to clear that much.

  • Pippen signed the Ozzie Albies deal. I get he wanted the security of the deal, but was there no room for compromise? Maybe he gets financial security over four years instead of seven???
  • That Bulls team winning 62 games while Pippen only played in 44 games is insane.
  • More insane? Jordan scoring 27-30 a night while his team was losing games 80-78.
  • They've already shown Stu Scott behind the desk at Sportscenter and David Stern's interview. You know the Kobe parts are coming soon. Sigh.
  • Hey give us a little time to guess, Facebook Trivia what the fuck guys
  • Ainge and MJ playing golf before the 63 point game is something I did not know. And all this time, I thought that this current era was the one that was too "buddy-buddy".
  • Jordan making $33 million to Scottie's $3 mill and saying he wasn't a 'team player" was tremendous.
  • Pippen's contract is the dirt-cheap Steph Curry contract that allowed the Warriors to even sign Kevin Durant. History repeats itself.
  • I think Jerry Reinsdorf is skating by here. He let this infighting between Krause-Phil, Krause-MJ, and Krause-Scottie go on. All were great at their respective jobs but Reinsdorf could have easily have fixed this by telling his GM to "knock it the fuck off and leave Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson alone".
  • Great poise from 22-year-old MJ to Reinsdorf in the meeting about his broken foot. Jordan had a 90% chance of being fine and a 10% chance of breaking the foot again. Reinsdorf asked if Jordan would reach into a Tylenol bottle knowing that one of the 10 pills inside would kill him. MJ responded, "Depends on how bad the fucking headache is. Phenomenal.

Check out the postgame that Eddie, Carl and I did right after episode two finished last night. Until parts 3 & 4.