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"Donnie Does History: The Animated Series" Premieres Tomorrow at Noon

Heyhowahya. Every Tuesday for the next 7-8 weeks expect a short (3-5 minute) cartoon where I'll be narrating some of the craziest stories from history I've come across. This is a spin off of the "Donnie Does History Blogs" I used to do which you can see below. 

I even made a pilot episode with an animator friend a while back 

but now I've teamed up with one of Barstool's in-house animators to turn it into a full fledged series. Here are the topics for the first 3 episodes.

1. The History of Magic Mushrooms

2. The Carlisle Indians: Most innovative Football Team in History?

3. The Mongols were Absolute Savages

Down the line I'll look to bring in the Twisted History guys as well as other history nuts from around the office such as Chief and Smitty to narrate some episodes. Stay tuned.