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Giannis Cannot Stop Dropping Hints That He Could One Day Be A Warrior

What the hell. How many more times do we have to witness more and more nuggets from Giannis and his potential move to the Warriors before we start to take it seriously? Well let me correct that. I've been taking it seriously for a while now since the evidence has been staring us in the face for some time

To the untrained eye you see Giannis scrolling through teams in 2K and maybe he simply wants to play as Steph and the Warriors because they are a fun 2K team to play with. To anyone else who has a brain and has been following these bread crumbs for a while, we know better. I won't begin to try and figure out how they'll make the money work, but what I do know is the Warriors have the perfect front office for finding any sort of loop hole or option that would make this possible. 

This really just makes me feel for Bucks fans, even though someone like me would directly benefit from him getting the hell out of the Eastern Conference. It's one thing if ESPN and all the talking heads do nothing but talk about Giannis leaving MIL to go to a bigger market while giving the Bucks absolutely zero respect as legit contenders. It's another thing when their franchise player is openly flirting with Curry and the Warriors. Even if you are the most confident Bucks fan out there, seeing all this shit over this long of a period has to fill you with the slightest bit of doubt. 

If there's no return to the NBA season and Giannis has to go another year without a title, you know deep down he's starting to think about his legacy. It's a Durant 2.0 situation. Could he really follow the exact same path and join a Warriors team in order to get that elusive title? Would the internet turn on him like they did with Durant? Remember, pretty much EVERYONE loves Giannis. Couldn't have more of an opposite reputation than Durant. He's about as universally loved as it gets in the league. It's like him and Luka. 

He'd have to turn down supermax money to do it, so I'm still holding out hope this is all just a long troll job by Giannis. But as they say where there's smoke there's usually fire and every few weeks this rumor pops up again which tells me it can't be completely ignored. I'm going to need Adam Silver to pull a David Stern and find a way to block this from every happening because if he doesn't....well there's no point in even having a season ever again.