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"The Bulls Would've Gone 50-0 In 1999"--Pippen And Rodman

I speculated about how long the Bulls could've kept the Dynasty going had Jerry Krause not been such an egomaniac asshole or if Jerry Reinsdorf had stepped in an said "hey, mayyyyybbbbeeee we should just give Michael Jordan whatever the fuck he wants". Well now we don't have to speculate. Pippen and Rodman gave their answers on The Jump last fall.

Fresh legs after the lockout...50-0. Boom. Done. Sprewell, Allan Houston, and Marcus Camby led the Knicks to the Finals. Pretty sure Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman sweep them easily in a Conference Final. Phil Jackson stays, doesn't go to LA, and now Shaq and Kobe don't have that steady hand. Bulls beat them in the Fianls the following year. That's 8 total rings. 

Everyone kind of makes fun of the Jordan years in Washington. Like he was some sort of washed up bum. A charity case. That seems to be the prevailing though. He wasn't Michael, but...guy was still putting up numbers. At age 38, after sitting out three years, Jordan averaged 23 ppg, about 6 rebounds and 5 assists. And that was with a supporting cast which had a young Rip Hamilton as the second best player. That's right. Jordan was the leading scorer for that group. Leave him on that team with Pip, Kukoc, Rodman, etc and who knows. Maybe the run lasts until 2002. Unreal. Fucking Jerry Krause.