A United States Congressman Says Jim Harbaugh "Beats Ohio State Every Time When The Score Is On The Values Imparted On Those He Leads"

Let's all give Jim Harbaugh a big round of applause for improving his previous winless record vs. Ohio State to 1-5!! It took a time period in this country where you're literally not allowed to play or even practice football to finally get a victory, but hey, you need to start somewhere. And sure, it wasn't on the field and it was on some random Iowa congressman's Twitter account that took a very weird ricochet shot, but a win is a win. Can we get the man a game ball or what?

But in all honesty, is this not the most random tweet in the history of the internet? I'm so lost as to what is going on. It looks like Jim Harbaugh took a stance on abortion....the Family Research Council tweeted his quote.....an IOWA congress representative quoted it......and then he let everyone know that Jim Harbaugh has finally beaten Ohio State. At what? It's not like he took a cheap shot at Ohio State for something that would actually make sense like covering up domestic violence or something with the Zach Smith situation, even though that still would be very weird. He is talking about abortion. What in the world does that have to do with the Buckeyes? In fact, it wouldn't be Ohio State at all. It would be the state of Ohio......which actually just passed a rather conservative Heartbeat Bill last year if we're looking at the facts.......

I'll take Old White Dudes Who Don't Understand Twitter for 800, Alex. I'm so confused as to how he made this reach, let alone tweeted it! He's talking about culture? Didn't Ohio State just steal two Michigan coaches because of OUR culture?

Either way, hopefully this big victory just got Harbaugh some very much needed momentum in the recruiting game, because at the end of the day, he's not getting paid $7.5 million a year to get moral victories on old, white, political Twitter. Ohio State is on pace to have the greatest recruiting class of all-time in 2021, and Michigan is signing dudes outside the Top 1200 to play defensive end. Snagged him right under Buffalo and Ball State's nose. 

But I guess that fits Jim Harbaugh's mold, according to his biggest fan in the Iowa government. "Maybe not a championship culture". I'm sure Jim is so appreciative of his kind words of support.