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Wake Up With Michael Jordan Teaching Us How To Hit A Fadeaway

"If you practice it enough it can become a routine. And if you repeat it, it can become a habit." - Barstool Carl quoting Michael Jordan from the 4 minute clip above

If the parks were open I'm not joking I'd be over there with my basketball right now working on my footwork and ballhandling. That's what MJ did to all of us as kids and he did the same shit to me again last night. All I want to do is just get better at something after watching parts 1 & 2 of The Last Dance. You get a taste of his willpower and it makes you want to take on the world. 

In this case, I want to focus on the MJ fadeaway. People forget he did all his scoring in the midrange, but no one forgets that he won 10 scoring titles and is the all time NBA ppg leader. 2nd most notable is the fact he could head fake a defender off the screen and into the 3rd row. Proceed with caution NSFW: