I Fundamentally Despise This Guy Who Proposes To His GF Every Day For A Year

True story: I’m a certified sap.  A bonafide hopeless romantic who wants to believe true love exists outside of the wonderful world of online dating.  However, I hate self righteous toolchests who do shit solely for attention.  This is one of those toolchests.  I’ll give him credit for locking down a semi-smoke while at first looking like an unironic version of Dwight Schrute,  but come on man.  Not only did he do this to pump his own tires but it’s a total breach of mancode.  How am I supposed to propose after a date night at Subway when this overachieving asshat spends an entire year on this shit?  Give man a break.


Maybe I’m wrong.  Ladies – Is this guy a true blue Casanova or a mega douche?  Between using the song Happy and the bowties, I think we have our answer.