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'I'm Not Gonna Fuck My Summer Up' -Scottie Pippen Dropping An ICONIC Quote And A++++ Reason To Delay His Surgery

[Dime] - “I had a ruptured tendon in my ankle, and I decided to have surgery late because I was like, you know what, I’m not gonna f*ck my summer up trying to rehab for a season,” Pippen said in The Last Dance. “They’re not going to look forward to having me, so I’m going to enjoy my summer and use the season to prepare.”

There has never been anything more relatable in this exact moment than those few words. 'I'm not going to fuck my summer up.' That's how EVERYONE is living right now. We all want to be by a beach, pool, lake, body of water when this weather gets nice. Scottie Pippen just wanted to do the same. Can't blame him one bit - even if he was pretty much paying the Bulls thanks to his shitty contract. 

Shit, Pippen was just 32 years old. The man was ready to celebrate a title and go party his dick off that summer. I love how honest he was with that quote. It's an ALL-TIME quote too. It fits for anyone and everyone. Plus, he already won 5 titles at this point. Did it really matter when he came back the next year as long as he was good to go for the playoffs? What else did Pippen have to prove as the 2nd guy for the Bulls? I'd be more concerned if he didn't want to go party his dick off. 

PS: Buy a shirt. It fits perfectly from the 90s to today.