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"It Was God Disguised As Michael Jordan" - The Time MJ Dropped 63 Because Danny Ainge Hustled Him On The Golf Course

"It was an incredible playoff performance. I've never seen it before. I haven't seen it since. It was God disguised as Michael Jordan." - Larry Fucking Bird

Obviously the 63 point game is going to come up at some point in the documentary and here it is Part 2. A lot of you guys got salty yesterday when I blogged it telling me how much you suck and that MJ lost in the series and blah blah blah. 

Well a lot of people don't talk about how the Bulls literally and I mean literally limped into the playoffs as the 8-seed on MJ's busted foot. A lot of people don't talk about how the Celtics were at the height of their glory while the Bulls were still doing cocaine in the away team lockerroom during halftime. It was what scientists call a transitional period and historically speaking we show respect to the wheels of change when there's a power transfer. Sometimes they turns slower then you'd like. Regardless, show some fucking respect. 

Here's another thing a lot of people don't talk about. MJ was so salty because Danny Ainge chirped his ass off the golf course. Yes, the starting shooting guard for the Celtics. He and MJ mixed in 18 at the local country club because that's how much better sports were in the 80's. Long before cameras were readily accessible you could actually partake in socially irresponsible behavior and let there be no doubt it was fucking awesome. And I don't even mean the recreational drug use that defines the 80's. I'm talking purely from the standpoint of just getting loaded and having a good time on the golf course and sure maybe trading decent hookers but that's a different story. For now I think it's worth appreciating that Jordan was able to take an 86 on the golf course and turn it into 63 on the hardwood even if they lost the series. 6-0 when it matters pussies write it down