Remember That Time Michael Jordan Scored 63 Against The Celtics In The '86 Playoffs? That Was Awesome.

Technically I don't remember because I was just a twinkle in my dad's eye/case of beer worth of bad decisions. But ultimately of course I remember it because it's one of his most talked about playoff performances of all time. And he had a sweet head of hair and more of a wiry frame that would murder anyone in his path. His traps alone made 2nd team all pro. Guy was a big sucker for a hard shoulder workout. 

Anyways were really starting to get hot and horny here in Chicago in anticipation of The Last Dance starting tomorrow at 8pm Central. We're going to be running back a 1998 Playoff rewatch on YouTube starting tomorrow night with Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Then we're going to take it to the finish line with Game 6 of the Finals into the last night of the documentary and we're only getting started with the MJ coverage. 

There's an obligation here to help you younger stoolies understand just how much LeBron James fucking sucks in comparison to The GOAT and you better believe I'm here to lead that class. First homework assignment: watch this double overtime masterpiece.