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I've Never Seen A Self-Own Quite Like Ari Fleischer Blaming China For Him Buying A Cheap, Bootleg, Knockoff PS4 Controller

Hold on...enhance please.....

What the fuck is that?!?!?! LOLLLLLLL. 

This isn't a politics blog by the way. I hate how everything is politics. This is downright funny no matter who you vote for. This dude Ari Fleischer was feeling extra feisty today and decided to own China by showing his nearly 400,000 followers his PS4 controller doesn't work. Only problem is this cheap old bastard bought literally the worst knock-off on Amazon, which apparently would work for whatever a "P4" is that usues the "Acute Angle" "Bracket" "Parentheses" and "Greater Than" buttons

I'm legit laughing out loud typing this blog. This is what he bought:

I can't believe the P4 controller didn't work. I simply cannot believe it. And the best part is someone dumb enough to buy that controller is also dumb enough to tweet it out blaming someone else. Ah, the great circle of life.