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Vindog Morphs Back Into Mr. LeVine and Assigns a 20 Question Exam for Stoolies!

My last official day teaching was February 7th and I haven't given a single test since. Well, the drought is finally over! Not to worry, no math, no science, no history, and no open response! Just simple multiple-choice.  

Here are the questions with my responses.

1) French Toast... Because it tastes so good and you only need bread, butter, eggs, and syrup! 

2) Over Easy… Because it takes some skill to flip the egg, and it looks so perfect with a little pepper on it! 

3) Saturday… Because whatever happens you still have Sunday to make it right! 

4) Medium Rare… Because it's no longer moving, but it still has some life left! 

5) Netflix… Great selection for binge-watchers like myself! 

6) French Fries… Because ketchup on mashed looks like a crime scene! 

7) Full-Zip… Easier on the rotator cuffs, doesn't mess your hair, and temperature control! 

8) English Muffin… Because grilled English Muffins are so fucking good! 

9) Ten-Pin… Because, let's face it, size matters! 

10) Mustard… Such a variety of mustards and good on everything, even bread! Love Honey Mustard! 

11) Blonde… Because I'm married to a brunette and I wouldn't want to get confused…                     (See Jim Edmonds)

12) Smooth… When I eat a PB&J I get my crunch from potato chips. Easier & quicker to spread too! (thinking 2nd sandwich)

13) Ping Pong… I grew up playing Ping Pong & I had tournaments twice a year in the Plumbing Shop using 2"x4"s as paddles and the shop tables with 2"x4"s for the net. Great Tournaments!

14) Home Depot… I like their ad music better and Lowe's just pisses me off! 

15) Whole… Because, let's face it, fat-free milk is for sissies! 

16) Coffee Milk… Because it' s the official state drink of Rhode Island and I love my Joe!

17) Sunrise… Because not everyone is up for it, it's all mine! And, I've still got the whole day ahead of me. 

18) Booth… More private, no table bumping and you're not forced to eat & drink next to strangers. 

19) Fame… Because any asshole can make a lot of money! 

 20) Dog… If I liked cats I'd be "Vincat"… 

** Bonus: Au Natural… Because unless it's obscenely overgrown, leave it alone! 

How many answers did we have in common? Comment below!