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This TikTok With the Theme Songs of All the Sports We've Missed Will Make You Cry In the Club

Damn it, hearing all these back-to-back hit me right in the feels. In all honesty, I haven't really thought about sports as often as I would have anticipated, but when I see something like this, the depression hits like a ton of bricks.

This thing came right at the best sports time of the year. Football season is great, but that's all that's happening for most of it. The end of March into April is the confluence of the NCAA Tournament, the hockey and basketball playoffs, baseball and The Masters. I've forgotten what it's like to have a baseball game on every day — although maybe I do miss sports more than I'm willing to even admit to myself, because I watched Taiwanese baseball this morning.

What I wouldn't give to hear just one of those leading into an event right now. 'Til next spring, I suppose.