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Checking In On My Internet Girlfriend Ana De Armas (SHUT UP HUBBS)

La filmación de SERGIO duró aproximadamente 3 meses. Rodamos en Brasil, Jordania y Tailandia. Todos igualmente especiales e importantes para la historia. Esta foto es en Río de Janeiro, en Arpoador, un lugar precioso entre Ipanema y Copacabana, el lugar preferido de Sergio. SERGIO se estrena en #Netflix este viernes 17 de Abril.

No fuckin clue what any of that means and remind me when I should start caring. I love a natural woman in her native tongue and Ana De Armas is no exception. From context clues alone I can surmise this is related to something that just came out on Netflix so that's pretty nice if you're into things like streaming A-list babes worthy of a mild obsession

Speaking of which. There's been a lot of confusion around here about Ana De Armas amongst me and Hubbs. I understand his boner has been stiffer for longer in appreciating her beauty. I don't deny that. But facts remain that I officially called Dibbs first and everyone knows you gotta say it out loud to mean it.

 Like calling shotgun when giving rides used to be a thing. You always gotta outwardly signal your intentions otherwise it's just a tree falling on deaf ears. Think Christopher Columbus. People had been here forever but he's the one who gets his dick sucked because he let everybody else know. That's me with Ana De Armas. I'm Christopher Columbus and these are my open seas circa 1492