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Update On Tony Ferguson's Weight Cut For The Fight That Is Not Happening Tomorrow

Still going great! Tony's on track! Don't you worry about his weight cut for a second! He'll make 155lbs today!

Soooooo, as I mentioned earlier in the week...

...Tony Ferguson is still going through with his weight cut for UFC 249, despite the event getting cancelled and Ferguson not having a fight to cut for anymore. It's quite possibly the most Tony Ferguson move of all time - especially being we're about three weeks out from the next proposed date for Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje for the Interim Lightweight Championship, which makes this all the more dangerous. Preposterous on every level.

I'm not saying I know a ton about the health and science behind weight cutting, and I'm sure Ferguson has a team around him making sure he's doing things the right way, but cutting so drastically like that TWICE IN THREE WEEKS cannot be good for you. Not in your every day life, and DEFINITELY not in the midst of a global pandemic. Shit will wreck your immune system.

That's Tony Ferguson for ya though! Maybe he's cutting for his fight against Khabib in the video game tomorrow?