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Tony Ferguson Is Still Cutting Weight Like He's Fighting On Saturday (Reminder: He Is Not)

If you thought Tony Ferguson might be the type of guy to cut weight for a fight that was cancelled because of a global pandemic - well, you'd be right! This mothafucka is really doin that shit!

El Cucuy's opponent, Justin Gaethje (his rebooked opponent after Khabib Nurmagomedov dropped off the card), is not spending his quarantine quite the same way...

I doubt Khabib is either, with these on the shelves…

I know that Tony Ferguson's crazy/driven mentality probably plays a massive role in his success as a fighter, but you just can't help but point and laugh at it, right?! 

I mean NOBODY likes cutting weight! This is like if your teacher assigned you a buncha math homework, school got cancelled, and you still elected to do it. It makes no sense! Dafuq are you expending energy for dude? Go put on some pajama pants and grab a vat of ice cream like the rest of us. We got corona in these streets. That's T-Ferg tho.