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#TheLastDance is Finally Here!!!


 A couple of things from the preview that I'm looking forward to in the documentary:

  • Wilbon giving some historical context for Jordan's greatness at the time. He said the only sports alpha males that were even similar to Jordan were Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali. We get enough takes on the twitter from people born in 2007 but are experts because they watched the 1991 Finals on YouTube. I like to hear from the people that were there and cognizant of what was going on as it went on.
  • Jordan throwing an unprovoked kill shot at the Cubs right as he's holding title number five was great. And it's June so the Cubs were probably somewhere losing three of four to the Brewers. Tremendous.
  • Looking back, I have NO IDEA why the Bulls even granted this type of behind the scenes access but boy am I glad that they did.
  • Jordan was much cooler than everyone else. Even just parking his car and going into work, he still looked cooler than us.
  • How absurd is it that the Bulls front office was apparently tired of winning and looking to break up the squad after five championships????
  • Jerry Krause driving a Cadillac killed me. No way I'm keeping my GM after finding out he drives a forest green Caddy.
  • Jerry Reinsdorf hired Krause to be the GM of his basketball team because he was a baseball scout that nobody liked? Awesome. Running a sports franchise can't be this hard. 
  • A GM wanting credit broke apart a team that won six championships. How would this play out now?? Joe Lacob chooses to keep Bob Myers and fires Steve Kerr which forces Steph Curry to leave the Warriors which breaks up their dynasty???
  • Sunday (4/19), Parts 1 & 2 at 9 pm on ESPN. Can't wait.