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My God, This Old School NBA On NBC Video About The Knicks In The Playoffs Gave My Goosebumps Goosebumps

I'm not going to say this video is perfect, but there isn't a mistake in this thing. It's AWESOME. We're in full on nostalgia mode here (teaser for something later today) and this one hits the spot. It has everything and I mean EVERYTHING. The 1999 Knicks, one of my favorite years as a Knicks fan. It has probably my favorite shot ever hit by a Knicks player, shit I still remember I had to watch this game on a portable TV because we were traveling. Sat in the car (shout out the silver mini van) with my little 5 inch TV going nuts: 

If you're a Knicks fan and never did this exact shot in your driveway, at the park, in the gym, wherever, you're not a Knicks fan. You had to do the runner with the extra hop at the end. More importantly you had to follow it up with the celly: 

That's not enough for you? Not only do the Knicks beat the Heat they go on and show Larry Johnson ripping the Pacers hearts out. Listen, I've always said you have to respect the refs and never argue a call. Clearly LJ gets fouled here 

Absolute chills every time they show the Garden jumping up in unison. Absolute. Chills. 

Oh and that's all before we get into the good. That's right. Roundball Rock - the absolute greatest sports intro song of all time. Personal story time: played that as the intro for my wedding reception. Felt right about it. Don't regret it one bit either. Nothing beats John Tesh and that beautiful piano

Fuck I need the Knicks to be good again.