I'm Just A Different Breed' - There Is Nothing More Disrespectful And Lazy Than People Comparing Lynn Bowden To Taysom Hill

We're a week out from the NFL Draft - something that will actually let us talk sports again. Because of that we're in comparison season and breakdowns and all that good stuff. That said, I've seen this floating around and really picking up steam yesterday. Everyone wants to compare Lynn Bowden to Taysom Hill. 

You couldn't be lazier or even more disrespectful. 

Taysom Hill was a quarterback. He only played quarterback at BYU. He plays gimmick only plays for the Saints. People fucking groan when he comes in the game because of the step down from Drew Brees and it seems to be predictable when he's coming in. Was he able to make the switch from QB to this hybrid player because of the versatility? Sure. 

But that's fucking disrespectful to Bowden. First off, Hill played 5 years in college, but really only played 2 full seasons because he kept getting hurt. Bowden is leaving after his junior year and playing every single game. Yes, Hill threw for 2,000 yards twice in his career - the guy who played QB every single game for BYU should have done that. Let's not act like he was some crazy good qb either. His best year was 2,900 yards 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. His second best? 2,323 yards, 12 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Not exactly GREAT numbers. 

You could say - but Taysom Hill was a rushing quarterback! You're right he was. His best year he had 246 rushing attempts for 1,344 yards and 10 touchdowns. Not too shabby, actually pretty good. Bowden - in less games as this rushing qb - ran for 1,468 yards on 185 attempts and 13 touchdowns. This stat looks pretty good too! 

Or let Bowden speak for himself: 

He's heard the comparisons to Hill over the past few months. "Some people say it," he says. "But I'm just a different breed. Just more athletic, I guess."

"Versatility," Bowden says. "Nobody else in the draft has that. The stats don't lie. You're just going to have to turn back on the film to see what kind of ballplayer I am.

Now I know who we're talking about here in terms of who wrote the article and shit, they struggle. But this is all over Twitter too. It's lazy. Bowden is way better than Hill coming out of college. It's not close! The guy played WR then moved to QB and returned kicks. If you want the regular, somewhat lazy comparison it's Antwan Randle-El way more than Hill.