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I Need To Know Who Fired Scottie Pippen From The Bulls Right This Second

Yo WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. I was cruising the site and saw the Reags blogged this and I almost spit out my Miller Lite. Scottie Pippen, the 2nd greatest Bull ever was fired. What was his job? I don't really know. Was he doing it? I don't care. He is Scottie Pippen and this is the Jerry Reinsdorf Chicago Bulls. Reinsdorf has a long and storied history of not firing anyone EVER. It's how Kenny Williams still has a job with the Sox. It's how John Paxson still has a job with the Bulls. It's how Gar Foreman was employed for TWENTY-TWO FUCKING YEARS. Those guys get an infinite length of leash and Scottie, who notoriously signed one of the most team-friendly deals in NBA history can't keep getting a check just for being himself? That isn't right. Now that Gar is out, Scottie should get to come back. Fair is fair. He doesn't need a real job. Show up to 4 or 5 games a year, kiss some babies, tell stories, and teach Zach Lavine how to...try on defense. That's it. That's all he needs to do and he should be allowed to do that for life because he's the only possible link back to the only golden era this organization has ever seen. Whoever made the call to fire Scottie needs to be publicly fired. A reverse firing. I hope it was Paxson.