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Tuukka Rask Loves To Party

Well, well, well the list of things Tuukka Rask is good at grows even longer during quarantine. Number one has always been goalie but since we've all been trapped in our homes Zdeno Chara has added that Tuukka is a prolific and disturbing farter while Marchand today opened our eyes to the fact that Tuukka likes himself a nice cocktail. 

It continues to befuddle me, yeah I said it, befuddle, that people don't universally love Tuukka. He's one of the absolute best at what he does in the whole league, gives you a chance to win night in and night out, and he likes to have a good time after. There's something special about hearing that a guy likes to party that makes you think, "Ya know what, I bet he's a good dude." Doesn't matter if you hated him before, once you hear someone is down to clown you immediately, "well then, can't be that bad." It's why Bong Joon-ho was so revered at the Oscars (aside from Parasite being a good movie), because he kept talking about getting drunk. All a celebrity has to do is say the word "alcohol" and immediately the rest of the world finds them incredibly relatable and thinks, "Wow, celebrities really are just like us."

And by the way, F- answer from Marchand here. It's the exact opposite of what I was just saying. You wouldn't want to be in quarantine with Tuukka because you guys would be hammered all the time? Bradley, you're watching Christmas cartoons with your kids all day, you're telling me you wouldn't trade that for a night of rabble rousing and drunk knee hockey with Tuukka? Come on. Look me in the eye and say that.