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Did Kevin Durant Forget To Put His Blunt Out Before Hopping On IG Live?

I love the confidence from Lance Stephenson saying he would take 50K in any 1 on 1 matchup no matter who the player was. That's very on brand for Lance. Well few on the planet are more qualified to weigh in on such a claim than Kevin Durant, and I have to agree with his stance here. Oladipo is a beast, especially at 100% health. Let's pretend this matchup happened in their prime though, what would that look like?

Well, I'd say a good comparison would be the 2017-18 season Oladipo vs the 2013-14 Lance. Here's a reminder of what those players look like


People joke about Lance from time to time, but the dude can hoop. I'm just not willing to say he'd be the better choice over the All Star Oladipo. Remember, before his injury Oladipo was a no question #1 option and franchise guy. He worked his way to becoming an absolute monster on both ends. You do have to factor in Lance's craziness once things started to get competitive, but I feel like Oladipo is the right choice here. I have no doubts he's going to look like his old self next season. If they were to play with their 2019 versions, I'm still rolling with Oladipo. Two way monster like you read about.

Also, not for nothing but Durant was most definitely smoking a blunt in that video right? We all saw that smoke in the first few seconds of the chat. That's not cigar smoke. It's not like the league is drug testing during the hiatus so of course KD is going to burn, what else does he have to do? Granted maybe you make sure the blunt is put out before you go live on the internet for the world to see, but hey Durant technically isn't breaking any rules here so all the power to him. If anything this just makes him more relatable to the rest of us during this quarantine.