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The Eagles Are "Agressively Pursuing A Trade-Up" For CeeDee Lamb

Please god let this be true. I recently went on the record saying Jalen Reagor is my guy, but that is under the stipulation that we stay at 21, or better yet trade down. Jalen Reagor might be my guy, but CeeDee Lamb is the guy. He is that dude, the best WR in the draft, I would take him over either of the guys from Alabama. Please let this come to fruition.

Remember this catch from the combine? How does a human have such great hands and feet?

Did you see how Jerry Jeudy reacted to that? The other best WR in the draft? I would even throw in the second rounder (I guess we would have to) to get a player of his caliber, an elite WR the likes of which we haven't seen since T.O.

His whole combine was insane. 

And that's without pads. He was somehow better in live action.

Howie knows what to do, who to bring home. This would do big things for the city and the Bird Gang. And while we're at it, why not bring home big Yannick Ngokoue?