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Sofia Vergara Posts the 90s Throwback Video We Didn't Realize We Need, but We Do

Bless you, Sofia Vergara. "Modern Family" might have just ended its 11-season, 250 episode run last week. But its legacy is cemented forever as the show that introduced audiences around the world to her comedic timing and acting chops. 

And yet long before that, she was known throughout Latin America from her Univision's travel show "Fuera de Serie" in the late 90s. And seeing these clips, it's obvious the camera loved her. And with her charm and grace, her superstardom was guaranteed. As sure a thing in the 1990s: 

... as it was in 2000:

… or the day "Modern Family" started shooting in 2009:

… as she is today. This is what 47 looks like. And also true greatness:

So by no means am I saying we only need Sofia Vergara from 25 years ago. I'll take Sofia Vergara of any era, past, quarantined present or future. But I appreciate her bringing us back to a time when her eminence was still only imminent. And when people could actually make travel shows. 

P.S. The great Ed O'Neill, star of two of the most successful, enduring sitcoms of all time, just turned 74. And still made it seem believable he was married to her. That is sheer talent.