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British Company 'Just Eat' May Have Revolutionized the Work Day With a One Hour Mid-day Break For Employees

You know, this whole time I've been at home instead of in an office, I, too, have struggled greatly with my lack of a power hour. I mean, the last month I've just been sitting here pleading with the heavens, "Won't someone please devise some sort of break during the day that is just MY time?"

Well thank God for the people across the pond at Just Eat, who have revolutionized the way business is done with the Daily Personal Power Hour.

Want some lunch? Power hour.

Want to take a walk? Power hour.

The world has been put on notice thanks to this genius step forward from Just Eat. What would be truly revolutionary is if they somehow found a way to make this break in the middle of the day so it breaks up the work day evenly.

Well I'll be damned, they did it again. These people are at the forefront of society. Somebody get on the phone with OSHA, we gotta get this idea to the States ASAP.

I will never be able to work the same way again knowing this kind of thing exists. I may just try it.