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This Calming, Serene August National Naturescapes Video Takes You Into the Evening

I'm not a big relaxation guy. I don't do yoga. I've only been to a spa the time Barstool sent me to Florida to investigate Asian Day Spas. I always hear how meditation is great for you, but the idea of clearing my mind and thinking of nothing at all is alien to me. Even when I'm praying in church, my brain is going on and on about something. No matter how hard I try to get it to stop. I feel like I'm one of those people who has two modes: 1) Thinking about what I have to do. 2) Asleep. 

But this? I could watch this for the full 43 minutes and let all the cares of the world just dissipate into the ether. Its like the video equivalent of looking into Gal Gadot's eyes. The audio equivalent of Alec Baldwin's podcast voice. It's a golf ASMR. To sit before this is to enter a higher plane of existence. An alpha state. An nirvana where all is peace and I'm one with the universe. 

In a way it reminds me of the last segment on "CBS Sunday Morning," a show the Irish Rose will watch because they usually do a feature about some cello player or a Broadway show or something. And it always ends with wordless nature film. Ducks on a pond at sunrise or snow falling on wildlife at a National Park. I'll watch that for a minute but as soon it's over my mind switches to my Fantasy lineup and moment is gone. 

I don't want this to go away. Do yourself a favor. Take some time away from living The Quarantine Life and just lose yourself in the quiet majesty and splendor of the most beautiful spot on Earth. And dream of the first tee next November. Namaste.