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Movie Generator PART 2. What Are Your Results?

These are fun to make because, even though I'm putting them together, I can't come close to predicting some of the results that come out of it.  I ended up with a RomCom directed by Ari Aster starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tom Hardy. Ejiofor (Love, Actually) and Hardy (This Means War) both have the experience in the genre, but I have NO idea what an Ari Aster romcom would look like. I'm not sure if what makes this scene so genius could possibly translate to a good romcom. 

It also doesn't help that Tom Hardy has been very vocal that he would never ever appear in a RomCom again after how much he hated 'This is War'. But I digress. 

Here are some of the results that I would like to see. 

What are your results?