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Brian Burke Said Nail Yakupov's Draft Interview Was So Bad A Scout Almost Fought Him

Nail Yakupov is almost becoming an urban legend at this point. The 2012 1st overall pick by the Edmonton Oilers has already played his way out of the NHL and is regarded as one of the bigger busts in NHL history. The 26-year-old forward played the past two seasons in the KHL for SKA St. Petersburg and from the sounds of things, has no intention of returning to the NHL any time soon. But before the NHL, Yakupov had to get drafted. There have been plenty of rumors regarding WHY the Oilers picked him 1st overall, including the story that the Oilers owner's son played video games with him and that was what convinced the Oilers to take him. But former Leafs GM Brian Burke had an early pick in that draft as well and had the opportunity to interview Yakupov, stating it was one of the worst draft interviews he had ever done and their scout John Lilley almost fought him during the interview.

Brian Burke is one guy you don't fuck with. He reminds me a lot of an older Ari Gold. He can bury you in two seconds with all his connections. I don't care if there isn't a chance in France that you fall to his team, you better show him the utmost respect during your draft interview. Yakupov clearly didn't get that memo and disrespected one of the most prolific GM's in the game at the time. Imagine the headline if this donnybrook actually went down? "Leafs Scout And Potential 1st Overall Pick Throw Hands In Hotel Room Draft Meeting" absolutely legendary title on the front page of the Toronto Sun. 

Regardless, Yakupov seems like a kid who just never got it. He never understood you need to respect others in the game, especially guys like Brian Burke. And that, amongst many other reasons, is why Nail Yakupov will probably never play another game in the NHL.