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TikTok Has Officially Shattered Tommy Smokes' Brain

Look, I get it. We're all starting to feel the pressure of social isolation. Personally, I've been handling my psychosis by beating my wretched hog into submission like Mike Tyson. POV of my cock/balls every time I type "M" and Mia Malkova autofills. 

So, in the grand scheme of things, Tommy going sicko mode to a 10 year old song might actually be the most healthy coping mechanism there is. It's better than making a billion streaming blogs, anyway. In all seriousness this took me a solid 10 seconds to realize that this wasn't actually Tommy (h/t to Tfjarboe who submitted it to SharonLeftMe). I went through a visual checklist and everything came up Tommy. Giant baseball bean bag? Tommy. Shirt tucked in to swishy sweatpants? Tommy. Fedora? Tommy. The Rangers shirt is the only thing that gave me pause, and I thought maybe he was doing some sort of weird irony. Whoever this actually is rules, in my opinion. He has the groovy moves and confidence I could only dream of having. When this is all over, you can catch me at a bar slowly doing the white dude full-body bob thing that we do to literally any given genre of song.