20 Movies That You Should Stream This Week

1. Ant Man & The Wasp

I think Ant-Man kind of gets lost in the scrum of great marvel movies, but both of his solo movies are among my favorite in the MCU. They're much smaller in scale/stakes than most of the Marvel movies, which is honestly a little relieving, and they're also SO god damn funny. Rudd is a gem, and the entire supporting cast is great for both levity and action in these movies. 

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

This is right up there with 'The Dark Knight' and 'Logan' as a movie I consider the best comic-book movie of all time. There is so much heart and soul in this story, not to mention the animation and music. It's a must-watch not just for fans of the genre, but for anyone who loves good storytelling.

3. Green Room

Green Room is a very rare gem the horror genre, which is notorious for churning out easy ROI slop. Besides being extremely well-made and acted, and it's also very raw. If you are looking for a different type of horror movie, this is it. RIP Anton Yelchin. 

4. Defiance 

Its kinetic, Nazi-killing action. That will always get a thumbs up in my book. It's by no means a perfect movie, but I always found the battle scenes make it more than worth the watch. 

5. Mississippi Grind

This is one of my favorite gambling movies, and not NEARLY enough people have seen it in my opinion. There is 2 great performances from Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendo, and it really immerses you into that southern-feeling world. It's also greattttt suspense. Spiral-Ham type stuff.

1. Winter's Bone

Debra Granik is one of the rising, great filmmakers, and this is my second favorite movie of hers. It's also probably my favorite J-Law performance by a fair margin. It's such a real and authentic feeling thriller that keeps you really gripped while remaining subtle, which is pretty rare. 

2. Blindspotting 

Like the last movie, Blindspotting is incredibly real and authentic. The film is Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal (the two stars of the movie) passion project that reflects their experience growing up in the bay area, and I think that passion is really reflected in how great it came out. Besides having a great story, it also touches on some social issues with subtlety, which is very rare for movies these days. 

3. The Nice Guys

I've recommended this already a few times, but I really can't emphasize it enough. Watch. This. Fucking. Movie. It's incredible how many people Jeff, Trill and I come across that haven't seen it, despite it being in all of our top-10 comedy list for the last decade. 

4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

While this movie underwhelmed me, I think this is a solid stream watch. Big-ass monsters fighting, nukes, Tywin Lannister. This has it all despite not having a particularly sensible plot. 

5. Soldier

One of my favorite cheesy 90's action movies, Soldier is a great rainy day stream. Kurt Russell playing a Spartan-type lifelong soldier fighting genetically engineered superhumans might not seem like a great concept when you read it here, but I promise it's a good watch. 

1. Parasite 

I was yelling it from the rooftops 6 months before it took home best picture, and I'm yelling it now. Parasite is one of the best films I've ever seen in my life, and it's a must-watch by any metric. 

2. The Art of Self Defense

This is one of the most underrated overall movies of 2019, and easily one of the best comedies. It's really dark and twisted, and just a perfect amount of weird that I love in my dark comedies. 

3. Ingrid Goes West

Much like the previous movie, this is another weird black comedy that I don't think got nearly enough love. It might just be because I'm in love with Aubrey Plaza, but it's mostly because it's genuinely a great comedy. 

4. 28 Days Later

I think '28 Days Later' is a top 3 zombie movie ever, and a total stroke of genius by Danny Boyle. It really delves into the human aspect of societal collapse (ha) and how different people react and deal with it. The small scale and human aspect isn't really something I had seen in the genre before, and it still holds up so well. Also, the cast is fucking tremendous. 

5. I, Tonya

I really didn't know squat about Harding or the incident before this movie, but this movie was so good and layered that it sent me down a rabbit hole for weeks over it. The cast is absolutely incredible not just in the dramatic moments, but especially in the humor moments. Paul Walter Hauser had me rolling in my chair the first time I watched. 

1. Seven Psychopaths 

Martin McDonagh is better known for his other work like 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' and 'In Bruges', but I think this gets too much flak. If you are a fan of funny, quick black comedies, you'll be entertained by this movie. 

2. True Grit

One of the Coen brothers best, this is a must-watch for both fans of western movies and good movies in general. Maybe my favorite Jeff Bridges performances as well. 

3. Goldfinger

We just did a ranking of the Bond movies with Large, and Goldfinger was near the top of all of our lists. It's such a timeless Bond movie that still holds up so god damn well. 

4. Escape from N.Y. 

Snake Plissken is one of the greatest action names of all time, and he has the balls to back it up. It's one of the more iconic action movies and it has great action alongside a truely all-star cast. 

5. Highlander

God, do I love everything about this damn movie. The Kurgan (played by the great Clancy Brown) playing chicken in the car, Sean Connery playing a scottish-accented egyptian named Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez, and the fantastic Queen song that accompanies it. That is good cinema.