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50 Cent Responds To Ja Rule's Hit-For-Hit Battle Challenge With A Gif Of Himself


50 Cent responds

Yep that's pretty much exactly how I thought it would go.

This is what I said in my blog yesterday when Ja Rule first started yappin about an IG Live battle with 50 Cent:

And I honestly don't think 50 would do it anyway. He HATES Ja Rule and doesn't need Ja. Ja needs 50 to get the spotlight on him again, 50 does a million other things and has stayed in the spotlight long after his music career. 50 doesn't need to punch down (although he does love to punch down on Ja so who knows! Maybe it happens! Fingers crossed!).

That appears to be Fiddy's reasoning as well. Ja Rule has NOTHING going on and a battle between him and 50 would conservatively get 180,000 concurrent viewers on IG Live. An IG Live of Ja by himself would struggle to get 180. So why would 50 Cent help his arch nemesis in getting the eyeballs he so desperately craves? Makes no sense. 

So there will be no Ja Rule vs 50 Cent hit-for-hit on IG Live and that's disappointing but not exactly surprising. It looks like we'll get a couple of Ja memes from 50 and that'll be that. 

PS- How great is it that 50 Cent has the perfect gif of himself for this occasion? Everything always comes up 50 Cent when he's squaring off against Ja. It's incredible.