Ja Rule Wants To Do A Hit-For-Hit Live Stream Battle Against 50 Cent And I've Never Wanted Something So Badly

Now wouldn't this be something! Obviously if you've been paying attention during quarantine a cool thing has been happening where legendary hip hop producers square off  going hit-for-hit on Instagram Live. It started when Swizz Beatz and Timbaland did it early on during the quarantine and has snowballed from there. The latest one was an epic battle between RZA and DJ Premier. We're talking the absolute cream of the crop squaring off against each other and it's amazing. And I know there have also been some writer battles that Swizz has put together but those haven't gotten the hype like the producer battles.

Well now Ja Rule has entered the ring and is challenging his eternal rival 50 Cent to a hit-for-hit battle on Instagram Live and I want it to happen SO badly. I want it to happen because it would be nonstop shit talking from the two of them. Ja Rule said he would "behave" during the battle but there is a 0% chance that happens. Ja and Fiddy have been swimming in bad blood for too long (literally decades at this point) for them to be cordial on a live stream. It would be an absolute shit show but it would be an extremely entertaining shit show.

However those reasons I just listed seem like the reasons Swizz doesn't want the battle to happen. Swizz wants it to be all about the music and not about a longstanding beef between rappers, which is exactly what it would be if Ja and 50 got together. It wouldn't be about the music whatsoever but, if they could make it work, it would be an interesting music battle. I'm a 50 Cent stan until the day I die but Ja Rule had hits. There was a stretch during the late 90s/early 2000s where Cookie Monster Ja and Murder Inc were on top of the hip hop world. Do I think it's enough to beat the almighty 50 Cent and his catalogue in a hit-for-hit battle? I absolutely do not but it would be interesting for the first couple of rounds.

Ultimately, do I think it's gonna happen? I do not. There's simply too much bad blood between them for it to work. Up until this point the IG battles have been extremely friendly between the two combatants, that would not be the case with Ja Rule and 50 Cent. It would be a sinister twist on the battles. And I honestly don't think 50 would do it anyway. He HATES Ja Rule and doesn't need Ja. Ja needs 50 to get the spotlight on him again, 50 does a million other things and has stayed in the spotlight long after his music career. 50 doesn't need to punch down (although he does love to punch down on Ja so who knows! Maybe it happens! Fingers crossed!).