2Bigg Questions: Has Being Quarantined Made You Realize You’re Bored In Your Relationship? + What Would You Do If Your Girl Was Airing Out Relationship Drama On IG LIVE?

Do you guys remember Cuttino Mobley? The Philly Legend is probably most known for his days starting for the Houston Rockets, LA Clippers, and Power, the Big3 2018 Champs. Well, somebody that looks like him was LIVE on Instagram with Soul Food power couple Boris Kudrow and Nicole Ari Parker and Boris's Boo said some things that I would not like to hear from my wife. Especially not on a damn IG LIVE!

(Just found out that the guy who looks exactly like Cuttino Mobley is actor/comedian Chris Spencer.)

This got me thinking about 2Bigg Questions:

1. Has being quarantined made you realize you’re bored in your relationship?

2. What would you do if your girl was airing out relationship drama on IG LIVE?

Good luck to everyone out there quarantined with their significant others. Willie and I are quarantined with our wives in our respective homes (his a lot nicer than mine) going through the same shit you guys are. We'll be covering all the relationship quarantine drama and more on the next episode of the 2Biggs Podcast.

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