2Biggs Podcast - Black Folks Chasing Ghosts - EP 1

Welcome to the 2Biggs Podcast starring Willie Colon and me, Brandon Newman. Do you believe in ghosts? If not, let Dalen Spratt, the Captain of the Travel Channel's Ghost Brothers, convince you during our first episode of 2Biggs. “The moment you tell someone that you’re a paranormal investigator or a ghost hunter, you automatically become the most interesting person in the room.” From being welcomed by the spirits of slaves to dissecting Bobby Brown fucking a ghost, Dalen Spratt has Willie and me convinced that our ancestors have watched us masturbate. Kick back, relax and enjoy the first episode of the 2Biggs Podcast.

Black Folks Chasing Ghosts - EP 1

03:15 - Introducing Ghost Brother Dalen Spratt
05:50 - The Legend of Spike Speilberg
10:45 - Haunted House Guest/Black Ghosts
17:15 - Ghost Hunting Going Global
22:00 - The Old Lady From Savannah
26:47 - What would make Dalen hang up his ghost-hunting cleats?
28:55 - Freaky Ghosts
32:09 - How can I communicate with spirits?
36:24 - "There is something after this."
42:35 - Recap
43:53 - Final Thoughts